Teaser Thursday

Sorry about the late update.  Most of the time this will be a Teaser Tuesday, but I was busy so I couldn’t as much as it pained me not to be able to post.

Anyway….. The book for today is White Hot Kiss by Jennifer L. Armentrout.  This book recently came out and I wanted to give y’all a little spoiler to see if you wanted (which you should anyway (-; ) to get the book.


So here it is:

      After popping the movie in, he settled down on the bed next to me, stretched out like lazy cat bathing in the sun.About a minute into the film, I recognized it.  “Devil’s Advocate?”

      He smirked.

      “Nice choice.”  I sighed, shaking my head

      “Just watch it and enjoy.”

       Try as I might, I could barely focus on the movie.   Between glancing at the clock on the bedside table and attempting to ignore Roth, I was strung high and tight.  My brain kept going back to what Stacey had said.  Real helpful stuff there, but she kind of had a point.  I could only be young and dumb once.

      And there was really a limited pool of those I could be young and dumb with.


That’s it.  Tell me what this makes you think of the book and if it makes you want to go buy it.  Until next time,

Kat ❤