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The Excitement of Starting Back

Hello lovely reader,

Starting something back is always fun to do. It can be anything from picking up that book you never finished reading to maybe deciding to give that sport another try or starting a new relationship after your last one didn’t go so well. All of these things have the commonality of an emotion, excitement. If you ever go back to something, it is usually because you missed it. I know that is my case with this blog and any book I reread. Sometimes there is the fear of will I succeed this time. I know this doesn’t apply to rereading a book, but starting up a blog that you tried to have while in high school is terrifying.

I know that I was not very good at keeping deadlines and schedules because I was applying to colleges or at cheer practice or something. I could make up enough excuses to keep putting off the blog like I’m a science major who has no free time. I don’t read as much. The problem is, I am reading books, they just aren’t quite the same as what the books I read before I got to college. My only issue with this was that I was not being true to the fact that I missed and still love to review books and talk about them and go crazy with other people. I figured you know what, if I can only connect with one person this way, then great. It would mean I had done what I wanted and shared my passion with someone and hopefully gave them a greater passion for books and reading.

So without further ado, I would like to present some of the books I am looking forward to reading this year!

I have been following Sasha and Lindsey for a long time. I found Sasha’s youtube channel one day when I was geeking out about The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare and instantly fell in love with her. I could tell that she shared the same passion for books that I did and it was so cool to see someone who was around my age doing exactly what I wished that I could do. Lindsey I actually discovered when I was at my local bookstore and saw a copy of her book The Murder Complex, and I bought it on a whim and loved it. After that, I decided to follow her and see what else she had and was working on for my future reading. When I discovered the two of them were working on Zenith, I got super excited and even put a reminder on my calendar for the day it would come be sold at my bookstore.


Giles and the Demon cover

This next book is actually really special to me because it was written by one of my close friends that I have made at school this past year. Jacob Dallas is an awesome dude that I love to support. He even got another one of our friends, Savannah Moyer, who is an art major to design the cover. It is fairly new and only $0.99 at Amazon. It’s a kindle version too, so you don’t even have to wait for it to be delivered to start reading it. Giles and The Demon is a short novel that is only 94 pages long but is packed full of some deep thoughts. Just a warning it is a dark fantasy/psychological thriller.


the cruel prince cover

The Cruel Prince is actually a book I found when I was walking around Barnes and Noble with my friend Alli. We both love to read and said for our 20s bucket list that we wanted to do a book club. This book both drew us to it for the cover. What is even cooler is that they actually had a cover right beside it that had a white background instead of black. (We both liked the black one more.) After we read the description, we knew that it was a book we were going to read and have for our future book collection when we share an apartment. This book follows Jude who is fighting to belong in the High Court of Faerie and defying the cruel prince while she is at it.  (Now who wouldn’t love to go on an adventure like that by reading this book?)


Queen of Shadows Cover

Of course, I can’t forget about the lovely Sarah J. Maas. I have finally gotten to the fourth book in her Throne of Glass Series. Alli was telling me how I needed to read this series but I never got around to it until this summer when I was on vacation and had finished all of the books that I brought to read by the second day out of seven. We went to the local bookstore on our bikes and got swept into the books they had to offer. I found one copy of Throne of Glass and figured this would be a good time to start the series. I was hooked within the first few chapters. I mean who doesn’t love a badass assassin that is trying to do what she can to survive?



Last but certainly not least is Society of Wishes by Elise Kova and Lynn Larsh. I found this book while scrolling through Goodreads the other day. The cover art instantly caught my eye. I think its something about the red color that pulls me in. Anyway, I decided to click on the book to figure out what it was actually about. This book follows the trail of losing friends and the things we wish we could do to change it. It also shows that if we could change it and do whatever we want, then repercussions will follow. After reading the synopsis of the book, I knew that would have to get my hands on a copy of this book.


Until next time, check out these awesome books.

❤ Kat