Happy Release Day to Thievery by Devyn Dawson!

I’m going to preface this post by saying I was given this book for an honest review.

Now that all the necessary details are out of the way, let’s get to the fun stuff!

Thievery: School of the Seven Bells



Headmaster Trig runs the most successful underground school in former North America. He wants nothing more than a government that stops victimizing children, and their parents who can’t afford the ridiculously expensive child tax. Alaric, Trig’s right hand man, is the astute instructor with one weakness…Rumor. She was in the borough and someone caught her stealing. Alaric helped her escape, and for the first time ever, he brought an outsider into the school. Several months later, someone in the borough is looking for Rumor and is going to extremes to find her. Rumor’s past comes crashing all around her, and it’s about to expose the school if they don’t turn her in.

Devyn Dawson delivers a fast paced epic tale of bravery and ambition. It’s perfect for anyone who is ready for something different….something that makes you root for the criminal, gasp in disbelief, and memorable characters with depth.




Where can I start?  I have read some of Devyn’s other books like her Light Tamer Series.  I fell in love with her books while reading The Light Tamer.  I could not get my hands on Devyn’s other books fast enough!  But that’s not the main thing I need to talk about.

Thievery is my new favorite book of hers.  I could not stop reading it.  I would often get in trouble because I would have my phone out at school trying to see what would happen next with Trig, Alaric, Rumor, and Rion.  (This does not mean I promote using your phone in school and getting in trouble.)  To me, I enjoyed this book as much as Then Hunger Games trilogy and Divergent Trilogy.  Even if you don’t like reading YA books, READ THIS BOOK!!

Scroll to the bottom of this page for the Amazon and Barnes and Noble links to this book.

About the Author:


Devyn is an Oklahoma native, but now she kicks up her boots in New Bern, North Carolina. Her writing style is eclectic with flawed characters. Her passion is writing for young adults, and will soon dabble in children’s literature. Most of her stories have characters who are struggling with some type of tragedy or home-life issues. This is her way of giving the reader something to relate to, or find empathy for anyone they may know who is going through a rough patch. When she isn’t writing, she is reading or playing with her grandchildren. Be sure to connect with her on Twitter and Instagram.
Twitter Handle – devyndawson
Instagram – devyndawson
Pinterest – msscaredcat **each series has a board with her dream cast, go check it out**

Other Books by Devyn Dawson:

The Light Tamer
Amber’s Faerie Tale – Novella
Light Bound

The Legacy of Kilkenny
The Seduction (book 1.5)
The Great Wolf

New Adult book – Sapphire, A Werewolf Love Story – Cry Me a River

Clean New Adult – Killing Me Softly


Barnes and Noble- Thievery Paperback

Barnes and Noble- Thievery Nook

Amazon- Thievery

Until next time my dear readers,

Kat ❤

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