Russian Roulette Review

Sorry I didn’t get to post this yesterday, but sometimes work has to take the priority.

Anyway, here is that second review I promised.

I reviewed Russian Roulette by E. E. Smith


My Rating:


Book Overview:

      Back in Sacramento again, where the sign on the door of her detective agency reads ALEXIS J. SMITH—Discreet Inquiries, Lexie finds that her old room at Mrs. Snidely’s Establishment for Young Ladies (a fancy name for a boardinghouse) has been let to someone else while she was away on a case in England. The new tenant is supposedly a ballerina, and a defector from the Russian Bolshoi, seeking political asylum in this country. But is she? Lexie doubts the story and begins to investigate, determined to get at the truth, while ignoring the danger to herself.

      With that case successfully concluded, she is free to accept another assignment from her friend Inspector Harry Hawkins at Scotland Yard. The case sounds bizarre from the beginning, but gets more so with each turn of events. It seems that a Russian count, a nephew of the late Tzar Nicholas II, is living in exile in Oxfordshire, with his young American bride. In Harry’s opinion, the countess is more than a little mad, demanding that Scotland Yard recover her dog, a Russian wolfhound, which she claims has been stolen by—of all people—Humphrey Bogart! It will take all of Lexie’s skill and unflinching determination to connect the dots, right up to the deadly conclusion.


      As you can tell from a lot of my previous reads, I am in a murder/mystery mood.  Must be the month of October getting to me! 😉  Anyway, I really did enjoy reading this book.  Evelyn Smith is a great writer.  Upon doing some research for this review, I discovered this was actually the second in the series.  Luckily, this book can easily be read as a stand alone book and does not require you to read the first book, Death by Misadventure, or the second book, Bad Blood.

      The characters were great!  My favorite is probably Lexie, just because I think I am secretly an awesome detective that can figure anything out. Of course, that could also be my love for Sherlock Holmes on the show Sherlock.

      I thought that the plot was excellent too.  Every mystery has to have its twists and turns.  How else could it be a mystery?  The plot was simple to understand but interesting enough to keep reading.

Be sure to keep an eye out for the next book in the series, Prescription for Murder!

Author Info:


Evelyn Eileen Smith resides in the San Francisco Bay area and is an award-winning playwright of more than a dozen plays. The debut novel, Boardinghouse Stew, was inspired by her own real-life experiences working in a boardinghouse in Sacramento during World War II. Times Like These is based on more real-life adventures through the end of WW II, six years of peace, and the beginning of the Korean War. In the next book, In Love and War, Evelyn shared her experiences as a young bride during wartime and how decisions made in haste affected her entire life. She debuted as a mystery writer with Death by Misadventure, the first in the “ALEXIS J. SMITH—Discreet Inquiries” series, followed by Bad Blood, and now Russian Roulette.

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