Murmurs of Insanity Review

Hey guys!!

What all has been going on while I was out for a couple of weeks?

Well, I had the privilege of getting an ARC of Murmurs of Insanity by Gerrie Ferris Finger.



        Teen Johndro Phillips is missing after witnessing a drug deal turn to murder in his Atlanta neighborhood. Johndro is a spotter and runner for drug lord Devus Dontel “Big DD” McFersen, who was acquitted when Johndro couldn’t testify against himself.
Lake asks Dru to talk to his ex-wife, Linda. Seems her half-brother’s predilection for young women has gotten him mixed up with the student art community, two of whom go missing. Damian Hansel, his friend Arne Trammel and the mysterious Cho Martine devised a Conceptual Art Performance to shake-up the tranquil community. Articles of Damian’s are found on nature trails, and, absent a body, the police think it’s a treasure hunt. Dru thinks not.



My thoughts:

      I really thought this book was very good.  Gerrie Ferris Finger did an excellent job in writing this book!  Her characters were so well thought out.  They had just enough quirkiness to where you didn’t think they were over the top weird.   Not to mention all of the twist that were in his plots.  This is a very light mystery novel, compared to some of the other ones that I have read.  But, that’s what makes it interesting.  Some of my friends aren’t huge readers, yet I would gladly recommend this book to them, knowing that they would enjoy it.

This is a series.  Hopefully I will be able to get the others and read them.  This book has made me want to read all future novels by Gerrie Ferris Finger!

Info on the Author:


Gerrie Ferris Finger won The Malice Domestic/St. Martin’s Minotaur Best First Traditional Novel for THE END GAME, published by St. Martin’s on April 27, 2010. The second in the series, THE LAST TEMPTATION, will release July 2012 from Five Star. Five Star will also releasse the third in the series, THE DEVIL LAUGHED, in 2013.

Gerrie grew up in Missouri then went South to write for The Atlanta Constitution. She traveled the Tobacco Roads of Georgia and Alabama and the narrow, historic streets of New Orleans. She wrote about Natchez, Mississippi’s unique history, Florida’s diverse population, and the Outer Banks struggle to keep light houses from toppling into the sea. Visits to Cape Hatteras resulted in her historical paranormal, THE GHOST SHIP.

WHISPERING, a romance, is set on one of Georgia’s barrier islands.

Three books in the Laura Kate O’Connell Plantation Series were set in southwest Georgia’s plantation region. They are: WHEN SERPENTS DIE, HONORED DAUGHTERS and WAGON DOGS. The print editions of the Laura Kate Series will be released beginning January 2012

MERCILESS is the first in her novella series. HEARTLESS is the second.

How to get more information about Gerrie Ferris Finger:






Got some more reviews coming your way tomorrow!

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