Sad times, and happy times

So I’m bummed because it’s way too late for me to form a coherent thought.  That means not posting a review or something today.  I promise there will be one tomorrow though!!  I’m so late just sending this little tie bit of info out because I just got back from Orientation for school.  I mean it starts in literally 2 DAYS, I just got my supply list.  That means tomorrow is a school supply shopping day.  Gotta love those lines of people all trying to get last minute school supplies *insert eye roll here*

Since I love y’all so much, I’m going to find a way to squeeze a post in between school shopping, cheer practice, and chores.  All because you guys rock! 🙂

I’m also kind of happy school is starting because that means I get to see some of my friends that I haven’t seen in forever.  Wish me luck.  Junior year here I come!


P.S. Here’s a question for you?

What was your favorite subject in school or what did you major in at college?

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